Lock Em, bullet casings, locks, key, cement, plastic, enamel, 5" x 4.5", 4 lbs.

On a Roll, marbles, nails, cement, wood and enamel paint. 6" x 11" x 3", 3 lbs

Greed Crime City, bullet shells, pennies, cement, wood, enamel paint. 7" x 5" x 5", 2.5 lbs

Blessed Choir, spoons, cement, metal, enamel paints. 11" x 4", 6 lbs

Play it Penny,  trumpet, bugle, guitar strings, bells, chain, brass plate, bullets, pennies,  wood, enamel, 40" x 17" x 17", 10 lbs.

The Choir, spoons, metal bass speaker cover, cement, enamel paint,  9" x 6", 7 Lbs

Altaman Collection, Hawaii

Constructobjectionism #1 

Painting: sand, coconut fibers, pine needles, wood fibers and acrylic enamel paint on canvas.
Pedestal / Frame: wood, cement, computer parts, sand and stones.

 82" x  72" x 8"

The World Outside

Requiem for Peace, cement, bullets, brass, lawn mower tire, pvc pipe, wire, enamel, 10" x 8",  11 lbs.

Push, brass, steel, wood, pvc pipe, enamel, 12" x 10", 4 lbs.

Painters Birthday Candles,  paint brushes, cement, pvc pipe, enamel, 16" x 12, 9 lbs

Pawn, bowling ball, tennis balls, car wheel parts, metal, wood,  enamel, 5' x 24" 


acrylic enamel, canvas, 48" x 80"

20" x 40" x 3"   wood, metal, computer parts, cd/radio parts, bamboo, trumpet mouthpiece, chains, chimes, paint brush, enamel paint.  

My studio. Your welcome to come in and sit down. D.mcGeary

Assemblage is art that is made by assembling disparate elements – often everyday objects – scavenged by the artist or bought specially. Pablo Picasso.