Live Performances

Singer Song Writer

Rhythm/ lead guitar




Solo / Duo / Band

Blue Sky Gray

Open Road

The Painter Man

The Hypothetical Love Song

Been Through This Before

She's My Everything

She Kills In Heels

Take It To The Bank

Love knockin on your door

Wanna Live Forever

Remember Me Marie

Time Is A Rambler

Should Have Called You Gone

Mississipppi Mud

She's Got Someting For Me



Jazzy G

Flatten and Scruggin

Rollin In E

Island Hoppin


Band History 

McGeary Originals / Lyrics / Music

Mokuleia Polo Field, Oahu

Spurs, Wahiawa 30x

Voyager Club, Schofield 6x

Beaman Center, Pearl Harbor 4x

Natcams Navy Base, Wahiawa 8x

The Pub, Wahiawa 5x

Peco's River Cafe, Aiea

Oleo TV station, Honolulu

Hionart Channel, Hawaii

Snappers, Waikiki 2x

Ward Warehouse Stage, Waikiki

Hickam Arts Center, Honolulu

Oleo TV station, Honolulu

Puahi Tower Park Center, Honolulu 

The Kualoa Ranch, Oahu 4x

The Hurricane Club, Schofield 6x

Marine Corp Air Base, Kaneohe 2x

Country Bar, Honolulu 2x

Leeward College, Pearl City

Gig History / Live Performances

Spur of the Moment

Blame Jesse James

South Wind

Southern Cross

Practicing through out the years

D solo

D painterman band

Take it to the Bank SFN Wahiawa

She's My Everything, The Tropics Club studio, Wahiawa

Stream afternoon gig at Leeward College, Pearl City, Hawaii

Singing The Painterman painting mural, Honolulu

Hypothetical Love Song

Deep Ocean Blues  Tropics Club Rehearsel studio, Wahiawa

Slidin / Red House Dec. 2021 Pupukea Extravaganza #3

 Open Road SFN Wahiawa

Cover Tune: Hands to Yourself Live: Pupukea Extravaganza #2

video clips performances original songs by D

1:45 min

2 min

2:50 min

1 min

6 min

1:40  min

3:40 min

6 min

30 sec

D painterman  


Royal Hawaiian Center, Waikiki 4x

International Marketplace, Waikiki 14x

No Name Bar, Kailua 2x

STN, Wahiawa 4x

Bubba and Boudreaux's, Wahiawa 3x

Turtle Bay Ballroom, Kahuku

Johnston Atoll Island 2x

Motorcycle Fest, Makaha

Breakers, Haleiwa 2x

Sugar Mill Bar, Waialua