Hawaii State Art Collection

Light from darkness
As I sit and behold
the handy work of god,
from my apartment view…
tree tops, clouds, and dark sky…
behold! Dark sky? True!
Trees, reflecting sunlight!
I thought of one, I laud,
Brings light out of darkness
In paintings, I am told.
Could it be, to hold
That god touched his heart
Inspiring him to do
This wondrous thing
I see with my eyes?
Darkness and with light,
That light shinning though
In paintings, some part,
Light gleams out so bold.
Inspired so, to bring
This light to the eye!
May it never cease
To guide the artist
To bring rays of hope
Through beauty of art
Through beauty of art
To paint and release,
As he works, and by
Art, cause hearts reflect

Gallery - Collection 3

Purity of Paradise,  oil, wood, 22" x 16"

Golden, oil, canvas, 18" x 24"

The Guiding Light, oil, canvas, 18" x 32"

Miraculous, oil, canvas, 72" x 53"

City Lights, Waikiki, oil, canvas. 20" x 16"

Creation Construction, acrylic on canvas.

Currents, oil, canvas, 16" x 20"

Windward, oil, canvas,  18" x 24"

Moons. enamel, panel, 40" x 40"

Black and white symbolises the profound contrast of our lives. Numerous brushstrokes represent time. Multiple lines create momentum and direction. Together, they build a path for your eyes to travel.

Heart of America, acrylic, canvas, 36" x 24"

Khon: Let's start with this gentleman named Dennis McGeary.

Seville: We have two paintings by Dennis and his work is notable because he's like Anselm Adams, He's looking at nature, but at a truly cosmic level, taking nature at it's most elemental forces, with wind, with water, as you look at these paintings there's a sense of a vortex, a deluge of an avalanche of just nature swirling around.

Khon: I get a little dizzy looking at it.        Seville: Indeed.        Khon: But it's a lot of work to do something like this.

Seville: It's a very paintstaking technique as he moves his brush with his pigment to create the sense of movement of the air, the water, whatever he is dealing with, to create this sense of the clash, the meeting, thee flow of nature.

Ch 2 News: Interview with Jennifer Seville, Curator of Western Art, Honolulu Museum of Art

Artists of Hawaii Exhibit 2002. Juror: Ned Rifin, Director of the Hirshorn (Smithsonian Museum), Wahington, D.C

Story of Island, acrylic, canvas, 28" x 62"

I strive to create art that will benefit people in an enlightening way.

My use of geometric shapes as symbolism began in the late 1980's. The Deluge was the first painting to include planes of pigment that represented our earthly world. In Cubed Wave, the representaton of a spiritual light in the form of a white square beckons through a milieu of darkness. For many years, the rectangles where placed parrallel to the picture plane to emphasis the right angle dimensions.

Tempest, acrylic, canvas. 40" x 60"

Black Beach, acrylic, canvas. 48" x 24"

Depth, acrylic, panel, 30" x 10"

Hail of Mary, acrylic, panel, 30" x 20"

Monochromatic About It, 40" x 30"

Light of Deluge, acrylic, canvas, 60" x 48"

The artist mother-in law's birthday poem to Dennis