"Voyager" oil, canvas 14" x 8"

"Storm at Sea" oil, canvas 20" x 16"

"Jonah", acrylic, canvas,  50" x 60"

"Voyager"  oil, canvas 24" x36" 

Private Collection, Florida 

"Creation of an Island"  oil, canvas 20" x 16" 

"Storm"  oil, canvas 40" x 40" 

"Tale of Two Ships" acrylic, canvas 16" x 20" 

"Ships of Contrast" acrylic, canvas 24" x 36" 

"Storm at Sea" oil, canvas, 48" x 48" , 1985

Voyagers and Sailing Ships at Sea

The Clipper ship has been a reoccurring image in my drawings and paintings since elementary school. The ship appeared in my first poster that sold while in 7th grade. In this artwork: the symbolism of the white vessel reflects my present bright hopeful life in contrast with the small black ominous ship and moon. Wishing you smooth sailing!

J. J. M. Collection, Hawaii

J. J. M. Collection, Hawaii


A large influence on my work has been the great visionary painter Albert Pinkam Ryder. On canvas he created romantic themes like the Flying Dutchman, Jonah, Seigfried and the Rhine Maidens plus numerous depictions of a single boat at sea with a glowing moon behind dark clouds. The powerful images often took years to complete, the impasto surfaces and unique colors capture the imagination of those taken by his romanticism. Many of my early abstracts reveal my reverence for his style. Jackson Pollack said that Ryder was the only american artist who interested him. The Smithsonian Institute, Washington D.C. holds a large collection of Ryders work.


More information at d.mcGeary's Albert Pinkam Ryder research page on facebook.  click

Jonah 1895

Toilers of the Sea 1880

The artist's home 1976 -79. USS Coral Sea, Aircraft Carrier. West Pacific Cruise: South China Sea,  Korea, Japan, South Korea, Hawaii, Philippine Islands.

Drawing: Yokohama Harbor, Japan

Island Voyager, acrylic, canvas, 12" x 16"

American Saga, acrylic, canvas, 16" x 20"

Private Collection, South Florida

Jonah, acrylic, canvas, 7"x 5"

Clipper, oil, canvas, 7"x 5"

Private Collection, USA

Private Collection, USA