Drawing Gallery  

Drawing is a long time friend.  As a child, I loved drawing from encyclopedia's. In pen, the abstract creations where continous patterned designs. In the Navy, I sketched copies of the masters that led to proficient shading and dilineation of line.  While Attending Olympic College, the Life Drawing classes taught me responsive techniques within a larger format.    

Portraits 1976- 77

Imperial Palace, drawn while in Japan 

Drawings from my sketch book circa 1977 drawn aboard the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier that I was stationed on for over three years. Doing portraits and studing the masters improved my drawing styles. Often, along with my signature, I added the type of pencil used. Good drawing skills gave me the confidence to explore abstraction.



Examples of recent pen, ink and charcoal 30" x 24"

Pencil style of 1990 - 2000

San Fransico, CA




early work

Secret of the Heiau: Akin O'Rono (Author)

Cover plus Illustrations by Dennis McGeary


There are many life’s lesson and unique native perspective in the Secret of the Heiau.