I have developed compelling abstract paintings that symbolize sacred and spiritual awareness. Often, my themes include creation {earth and heaven}, atmosphere {ethereal clouds, wind,} and angles {modern man's geometric world.} Titles such as "Levels of Life," "Jonah and the Whale," "Technical Deluge" and "Good, Evil and Modern Man" emphasize the spiritual and physical interconnection of our existence.


Private Collection, Pennsylvania

"Day of Deluge" oil, canvas 48" x 30" 

Origin,  acrylic, canvas, 67 x 53, Koch Collection Iowa

Moody Coast, acrylic, canvas, 36" x 56,  Collection, Michigan

Inspiration, oil, canvas,  50" x 40"

Ships of Contrast, acrylic, canvas, 30" x 40",

Mariner, acrylic, canvas, 20" x 40"

Suthard Collection, Hawaii

In The Garden, acrylic, canvas,

20" x 16, New Jersey

Asscending Mary, acrylic, canvas, 20" x 40"

Creation, acrylic, canvas, 60" x 40"

Paintings by Dennis McGeary tease the imagination with their Biblical deluge of waves and land masses turning in on themselves like something from a dream.

Gallery - Collection 1

Honolulu Advertiser article: An Art Cathedral

The bible story tells that the whale swallowed Jonah for not obeying God's command. My painting shows an abstraction of a whale, the boat he was thrown over board from and a dark square with Jonah contemplating his fate.  d.mcGeary

Hawaiian artist Dennis McGeary depicts Jonah's condition well in 2001 abstract painting entirely in black, white and gray. A mass of contoured lines takes up nearly all the painting, suggesting simultaneously both the interior massiveness of a whale-like creature and the swirling waves of the storm. Almost hidden in the center, a few lines are bent up, -saillike- the tiny ship in a storm. Along the uprising lines on a lower side we see a man falling, his hands raised uselessly as he descends where he does not wish to go--Jonah cast overboard. Finally, set off in an undersized black square in the opposite corner, is the small, hunkered form of the swallowed prophet, brooding over what has happened to him. How he must wonder at God's design in all this!

 Surprised by Grace: God's Relentless Pursuit of Rebels - Tullian Tchividjian

acrylic on canvas  47" x 42"


Landscape, oil, canvas, 16" x 20", Hawaii

The beginning - irredescent sea shell,
horizons and perimeters
Swirled pillars of force
designed to begin & create
something new,
There is an anchor shaded
in black and white
Mountain and cities and even myself
all have an origin, The beginning is not so big

Serena L. Honeycutt



from the collection of Serena's poems concerning McGeary spiritual abstract paintings

J.J. McGeary Collection, Hawaii.

Lee Collection Hawaii 

“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.” Henry Ward Beecher